Pudology – dairy and gluten free desserts

Pudology-Logo-2A few weeks ago I received a sample of goodies from Pudology, a dairy and gluten free brand that I’d first come across at The Allergy & Free From Show a few months ago.

I didn’t buy any of their products at the show as I anticipated that the journey back to Bristol may not have been good for them, so I was delighted to be sent some products.

Here’s a little bit more information about Pudology, taken from their website:

Pudology was borne out of a dream for everyone to be able to enjoy incredibly rich and delicious desserts regardless of any food intolerances. We work tirelessly to create a wide range of tasty, indulgent treats that everyone can enjoy that are dairy and gluten free as well being free from eggs. All of our gorgeous desserts are suitable for Vegans and we are registered with the Vegan Society.

Lucy is our free from dessert creator and as someone who avoids dairy herself she knows exactly what ingredients to mix together to create the ultimate dairy free, gluten free desserts.  Not only do we never use any dairy ingredients, we also never use ingredients containing gluten, wheat or eggs. We promise you won’t be disappointed with our desserts and we’re convinced none of your dinner guests will ever guess their desserts don’t contain dairy!

Pudology SamplesI was sent three of Pudology’s four products to sample. I received the Chocolate, Banoffee and Strawberry Puds, but they also have a Lemon version available.

The first comment I would make about the products is the brilliant branding.

I absolutely love the design of the sleeve with its bright patterns and slight colour variations from product to product. These would certainly catch my eye in a supermarket!

The other great thing is that each dessert comes in its own little plastic pot with lid which is great. They’re the perfect size for a pudding, as well as being useful reusable pots :).

Chocolate PudsDSC01495

This dessert is described as ‘deeply decadent and irresistibly smooth chocolate ganache with Madagascan vanilla’ and this couldn’t be a truer representation of the product. It is certainly decadent and smooth, however it is also very rich with a strong chocolatey taste.

As a result, these puddings were unfortunately a little overpowering for me, so I was quite glad that they come in small pots as I personally couldn’t have had any more. I think that if I have this product again, I would mix it with some cream to try to soften the richness. Having said that, my boyfriend absolutely loved it and was quick to finish off the rest of mine when I began to struggle!


DSC01478Banoffee Puds

This was definitely my favourite out of the three products! After all, what’s not to love about biscuit, toffee, banana and chocolate?!

I completely concur with the product description, it is definitely ‘the ultimate indulgence!’.

The ratio of biscuit – caramel – chocolate is just perfect and this certainly makes for an amazing dessert and potentially one of the best gluten free desserts that I’ve tasted :).

My only slight criticism of this product would be that I think I’d actually prefer it to not DSC01485contain banana and instead be more of a millionaire shortbread type product, but only as that would be nearer to being my perfect dessert!

However, this is obviously a banoffee dessert and it’s great that the banana element isn’t overshadowed by the other flavours within the product, which can sometimes happen.

DSC01487Strawberry Puds

Described as ‘irresistibly indulgent coconut and strawberry dessert on a layer of crunchy biscuit’, I’m unfortunately a little confused by this product.

The mousse part of it was absolutely gorgeous, but I didn’t feel that the dry biscuit connected well with the moist mousse.

DSC01488It’s quite difficult to explain what I mean, but I felt that the caramel element of the Banoffee Puds was a good filling to connect the chocolate and the biscuit, but this dessert didn’t have anything to bind the two elements together and as such, they felt quite separate.

That said, I did still enjoy the product, I just felt like there was something missing from it :(.

Overall, I would buy these products again and I would definitely recommend them to the both gluten free and dairy free consumers, as well as ‘normal’ consumers. I think it is brilliant that Pudology are able to cater for multiple dietary requirements with these products and I certainly look forward to trying the final product in the range, the Lemon Pud, as this sounds lovely!

To find out more about Pudology, including where their products are stocked, you can visit their website (www.pudology.com), follow them on Twitter (@Pudology) or visit their Facebook page (www.facebook.com/pudology).


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