Arch House Deli, Clifton

Arch_House_Deli_logo_buildingArch House Deli has recently been awarded the title of Bristol’s Best Deli at the Bristol Good Food Awards 2013 for the second year running, and having heard lots of good things about it since I moved to Bristol, I couldn’t resist popping in when I was recently in the area.

I’d be informed by fellow gluten free blogger Wuthering Bites (@wbites) that Arch House Deli catered for coeliacs by offering gluten free options, so I was keen to see what they had available when I visited.

As well as having a shop selling a variety of local and sustainable products, there is also a café area if you fancied staying in for lunch, but as I was in a bit of a rush I wanted to have a look at the takeaway options.

All of their gluten free products are clearly labelled as such, along with any other relevant allergen information. Examples of this are shown on both of the products I opted for (after much deliberation!), a slice of smoked salmon and trout frittata and some chocolate cinnamon polenta cake :).


I also bought some salad to go with the frittata, which included some coleslaw, beans, beetroot and new potatoes. I have to admit that the frittata was not something that I would normally have bought as I was concerned that I might not like the flavours, but it looked so good I felt that I had to try it!

Once I was home I plated it all up and it looked amazing…


The frittata tasted really yummy and although some of the flavours were a little strong for my taste, I’m still glad that I opted for it rather than sticking with something I knew would better suit my tastes.

It was also nice to have a fish frittata as I would normally have vegetable based ones, but this certainly gives me ideas for making my own frittatas!

One of the nicest parts of the meal was the accompanying salad. It was really nice and light as well as being full of flavour. The texture was also brilliant with the combination of smooth new potatoes and crunchy coleslaw.

I didn’t eat the chocolate cinnamon polenta cake straight away, as unsurprisingly my lunch was quite filling, but when I did get round to eating it, it certainly didn’t disappoint!


I was drawn to this cake out of the options available, as it looked great and was covered in glitter! As you can see there were some nice crispy edges, which I really love as this adds a great texture to a cake. The cinnamon flavouring really came through which meant that the cake tasted great :).

Unfortunately I don’t visit Clifton very often, but when I next go I’ll be sure to visit Arch House Deli for an amazing gluten free lunch!

To find out more about Arch House Deli including information about the products sold in the shop, you can visit their website (, or you can follow them on Twitter (@ArchHouseDeli).

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