ASDA Free From Plain Scones

ASDA Free FromIf you follow me on Twitter (@tracyattridge), you’ll be aware that for quite some time I’ve been keen to find somewhere that sells gluten free cream teas, as this is a treat that I’ve really missed since my diagnosis.

Although I’ve come across a few places that offer this, including the Tart café and foodstore on Gloucester Road in Bristol, I haven’t yet made it there, so I was delighted when someone on Twitter mentioned that ASDA sold gluten free scones!

ASDA is my nearest supermarket and I regularly frequent the ‘free from’ aisle, but I’d never seen any scones, so last week I went in and kept my eyes peeled for them. I was very delighted to find a pack of 2 plain scones at a cost of £1.80, which unfortunately makes them a little on the expensive side, particularly in comparison to their ‘normal’ scones.DSC01441

Having found them, I bought some jam and some Rodda’s Cornish Clotted Cream to have with them. It can only be this particular type of clotted cream for me, being a Cornish girl :).

DSC01443It’s quite clear when you first open the packet that these aren’t the most appealing of scones, but I was prepared to give them the benefit of the doubt, after all, they were gluten free scones!

Cutting them in half was a little tricky, as with most scones, and my boyfriend kindly offered to have the more lop-sided of the two scones.

DSC01444The scones seemed quite hard in their texture, but this also made it quite easy to spread the jam as they weren’t too crumbly.

Now, being Cornish, there’s only one way that I can make a cream tea and that’s to spread the jam first and then add a dollop of clotted cream, however I appreciate that this varies from county to county and I’m sure that there’ll be some people in Devon who would argue that it should be the cream first and then the jam, but each to their own!

Oh, and when I say a dollop of clotted cream, I really do mean dollop, otherwise what’s the point?! 🙂DSC01448

As with most things, the proof is in the tasting, and I must admit that the scones didn’t actually taste that bad. They certainly tasted lighter than they looked and they made for a very pleasant dessert, and a very happy Tracy :).

Although these probably aren’t the best quality scones on the market, they’re the only gluten free ones that I’ve found so far, so for that reason, I’ll definitely be buying them again!

To find out more about the Free From products sold at ASDA you can visit their website ( and if you want to find out more about Rodda’s Cornish Clotted Cream you can visit their website ( or follow them on Twitter (@Roddas_Cream).


2 thoughts on “ASDA Free From Plain Scones

  1. Thank you for your review. They do look gluten free but improve massively in appearance by the jam and cream. Yes I’m a jam first gal too. Had craved scones this week and made the Phil Vickery ones. They were ok but I forgot to reduce oven for fan so were slightly overdone. Nothing much compares to the real thing though sadly, don’t you think?

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