Fair & Square Chocolate Brownies – Part 2

logoBack in April, the first review I wrote for my blog was about Fair & Square Chocolate Brownies, after I’d stumbled across them at the Bristol Chocolate Festival.

If you haven’t yet read my first review, you can read it here.

Here’s a little bit more about Fair & Square Chocolate Brownies taken from their website:

I’m Sarah and I bake Fair & Square Chocolate Brownies from my kitchen in the middle of the beautiful Cotswold countryside.

I love to bake and for years I’ve searched for the perfect brownie; the epitome of chocolate heaven!  I’ve always been curious about the range of recipes and varying preferences. To me, the perfect brownie is one which exudes richness, is full of moreish moistness and leaves you feeling totally satisfied! I’ve finally found that recipe and am so glad I can share it.

Good food is important, but so is thinking a little deeper about where ingredients come from and the conditions in which they are made.

At The Fairtrade Kitchen I’ve set out to do three very important things:

Make delicious, luxury brownies using ethically sourced ingredients. All our chocolate, cocoa and sugar is Fairtrade and our eggs are always free range.

I always bake brownies freshly to order, never using any artificial preservatives or flavourings, just natural extracts, fruits or nuts.

I don’t believe in wasteful packaging.  It’s all about the brownies so you’ll never be burdened with wasteful wrappers; you can even re-use the box if you wish!

Since first meeting the team back in March, I’ve been fortunate to see the brand’s lovely owner Sarah on a couple of occasions and the last time was at Bristol’s Big Market last month. It was great to see Sarah again, along with her massive array of brownies.DSC01053-2I’m glad I got to the market early as the brownies were already proving popular, which is not a surprise to me at all. I’m yet to find a better gluten free brownie!

Whilst talking to Sarah, it was amazing how many people came up and asked if the brownies were gluten free and when they found out that they were. they were delighted. Having said that, there was just as much interest from the gluten eating public too and the looks on people’s faces once they’d had a sample piece were priceless – they loved them!

Sarah had some flavours available on the day that I hadn’t tried before, but it was proving quite difficult trying to decide which ones to have, so I naturally opted for one of each…. 🙂 (plus an extra one of my favourite, Raspberry and White Chocolate Chip, for good measure!). That’s eight brownies in total – sorry waistline!DSC01062-3

After our catch up and with deliberations concluded, I finally left Sarah to it and wished her luck for the rest of the event. Meanwhile, I made my way home on the bus with a bag full of brownies that smelt amazing :).

Once home, my other half was a little shocked by quite how many brownies I’d come back with, although perhaps not completely surprised! It also didn’t take long for him to realise that I wouldn’t be able to eat them all on my own….

Raspberry and White Choc Chip 2Raspberry & White Chocolate Chip

The first brownie to be consumed was always going to be the Raspberry & White Chocolate Chip as it was my favourite from my first review. I think it’s safe to say that it still is my favourite too, as the flavour combinations are certainly very me!

The raspberry pieces are really nice and you’ll find a couple of them in every slice, along with some white chocolate chips throughout the brownie.

Pear & PecanPear and Pecan 2

I’m not actually a fan of pears, but I expected my boyfriend to be keen to try this one on my behalf.

His feedback was that it was nice to have the fruit element in the brownie and that it added a different texture. He also felt that the fruit kept the brownie moister.

I did actually inadvertently have some of this brownie later on, as I thought it was the walnut one. Fortunately it happened to be a slice that didn’t have any pear in it, as I didn’t notice that element of it at all.

Chilli 1Chilli

Again, this brownie went to my other half to review (he didn’t do that badly out of this did he?!), due to my aversion to chilli.

My first thought about the product was that it looked exactly the same as the plain brownie.

Fortunately we were aware of this when Sarah was boxing them up for me so they were put in different boxes, but I for one wouldn’t want to risk picking up the wrong one by mistake, so maybe one of these could be made more distinguishable in some way?

My other half’s feedback on this brownie was that it had a little bit of heat in it and was probably just the right strength to not overpower the brownie. He did however say that it tasted more like a curry flavour than a chilli flavour and after smelling it I did understand what he meant.

Salted CaramelSalted Caramel 2

This brownie certainly sounded right up my street! Having recently had salted caramel for this first time I anticipated that this would really suit a chocolate brownie and that the texture of the caramel would compliment the brownie.

Sure enough this brownie tastes great, although it did taste a little too salty for my tastes. In hindsight, I think I would prefer a plain caramel if it was being mixed in with a brownie so that the chocolate isn’t overpowered.

My other half however, really enjoyed it and commented that it tasted like a chocolate bar and in his opinion the salted caramel enhanced the brownie.

Mango & LimeMango and Lime 2

The final brownie which made its way to my boyfriend was the mango and lime one, as unfortunately I’m not a big fan of mango (yes, I’m fussy), but I do love lime so it was a shame that I didn’t think that I would enjoy this brownie :(.

This flavour brownie again proved popular with my boyfriend and he commented that it had a subtle taste of lime, as well as chunks of mango running throughout it.

WalnutWalnut 1

Unfortunately this brownie seemed to be quite a bit drier than the others for some reason, which meant it wasn’t particularly highly rated by either of us.

It was certainly nice in respect of it having walnuts running all the way through it, but I’m not sure if this may have contributed to the dryness?

Original ChocolatePlain 1

I had one of these original brownies the first time I tried these products, and it’s definitely true that sometimes the originals are the best! Although it’s nice to have different varieties of brownies (otherwise things would be very boring), the Fair & Square original brownie is just divine on its own.

This was an opinion shared by my other half too as he rated the plain brownie as his number one out of the seven we tried!

The original brownie is really chocolately without being too sweet and it is really nice and moist, which definitely couldn’t be said for some other gluten free brownies I’ve tried since being diagnosed!

DSC01328Sarah suggested that I try freezing some of the brownies and eat them straight from the freezer, as apparently they taste like fudge when frozen. Well I certainly had to give that a go, so I froze the remains of the original brownie to see how it fared.

If you follow me on Twitter you will have noticed that it was very successful, particularly when a dollop of freshly whipped cream was added to the top, yummy!


As I mentioned myself and Rich (my other half) rated the brownies, so here are our results:

Rich: 1) Original Chocolate, 2) Pear & Pecan, 3) Salted Caramel, 4) Mango & Lime, 5) Raspberry, 6) Chilli, 7) Walnut

Tracy: 1) Raspberry, 2) Original Chocolate, 3) Salted Caramel, 4) Walnut, 5) Pear & Pecan – I didn’t try the remaining two brownies.

As you can see from the above, the results are purely down to personal taste. I’m also aware that there are some other flavours available which would need to be slotted in to the list somewhere! I’ve previously tried the orange brownie and I really enjoyed it so that would be near the top for me.

I would love to see Fair & Square Chocolate Brownies in coffee shops rather than the mass produced brownies that you find in the chain stores. These brownies taste a million times nicer and fresher!

I think you’ve probably realised by now that I am a massive fan of Fair & Square Chocolate Brownies and I would strongly recommend that you try them if you get the chance. In my opinion they are the best gluten free brownies available :).

If you’d like to find out more information about Fair & Square Chocolate Brownies, including how to buy their products, you can visit their website (www.fairtradebrownies.co.uk) and you can also follow them on Twitter (@FairBrownies).


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