The Boutique Bakehouse, Clifton

tbb logoIf you follow my Twitter updates or my Not A Trace Facebook group page, you will have noticed that a few weeks ago I was a little over excited that I’d come across somewhere in Bristol that sells gluten free doughnuts!

I owe a debt of gratitude to fellow Bristol gluten free blogger Wuthering Bites (@wbites), as I’d said that I was going to be in the Clifton area of Bristol and asked if she could recommend some places for me to try out for lunch and / or snacks. The Boutique Bakehouse in Clifton Arcade was one of those places she’d recommended and having looked on their website they looked great!

Here’s a bit more about The Boutique Bakehouse, taken from their website:

The Boutique Bakehouse offers a range of delicious treats to buy in our Clifton shop or you can get in touch to order birthday cakes and celebration cakes. We cater for corporate functions and weddings as well as offering selection tables for parties.

When I arrived at the shop, owner Jordaine was busy in the kitchen baking, so I had a quick nose at the products she already had out and then asked if she had any gluten free offerings available. She said that it was the gluten free cakes that she was currently baking (having cleared the kitchen of all ‘normal’ ingredients to ensure it was free from cross contamination), but that they weren’t quite ready yet. I asked what sort of products she was baking and she listed a large amount of gluten free cakes, but it was the first product that got me, “doughnuts”!

I think it’s fair to say that I got a little bit over excited at the thought of having a gluten free doughnut (my first since my diagnosis) and I think Jordaine would agree that you could definitely see my excitement! As well as the doughnuts she also had lots of cupcake options and at least half of her menu is normally gluten free :).

Although the doughnuts were still cooling, Jordaine very kindly iced a couple for me so that I could take some home. They certainly looked great, so I was sure that they were going to taste great.

Due to the shop being in an arcade, it’s unfortunate that Jordaine is restricted on the products that she can produce due to health and safety reasons. It means that she’s not able to fry any of her products, which is a shame as she said that she wished she could make some churros for me, as she thought my reaction to those would be very similar to my doughnut one!

After chatting to Jordaine for quite a while it was clear that she has a great understanding of gluten free baking and knows a lot about the difficulties of being a coeliac, due to a family connection. I always feel much better knowing this information as this really puts me at ease and allows me to trust that the person making the products really does know what they’re doing.

Once back home, it didn’t exactly take long for me to tuck into the doughnuts, and the only reason I didn’t eat them straight away was because I wanted to take some pictures to share on this review.


As you can see, they doughnuts have a great airy, yet moist, soft sponge filling and the topping was gorgeous! Obviously these doughnuts haven’t been fried, but I think they still taste amazing and the next time I’m in Clifton I will definitely be going to The Boutique Bakehouse to buy some more, as well as some of the other gluten free products, which unfortunately didn’t get a look in on my first visit!


Part of me thinks that it’s a shame that The Boutique Bakehouse is tucked away in an arcade in Clifton, firstly (and selfishly) because it’s quite a long way away from where I live, but also because I wonder how many people are aware of the shop and are able to see quite how much it can offer the gluten free community. If I lived nearer, I’d certainly be in there all the time, as I think it’s great :).

For more information about The Boutique Bakehouse you can visit their website ( and you can also follow them on Twitter (@TBBClifton).


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