Foodies Festival, Bristol

12402_467244973344750_1268846672_n-2Last Friday, my boyfriend and I went to the Foodies Festival which was being held at Bristol’s waterfront.

I’d never been to one of these events before, so when I was offered some tickets I jumped at the opportunity to go, although I appreciated that I probably wouldn’t find it as beneficial as most other visitors, as I didn’t expect there to be many gluten free options.

The first stand I visited was a brand that I’ve previously reviewed on this blog, Zara’s Chocolates. Although it may have been a bit hot for chocolate given the hot weather we’ve been having, Zara was very fortunate that her stand was on the shaded side of the festival, otherwise there may have been a slight melting incident :(.

Although I didn’t buy anything from Zara on this occasion it was lovely to see her, and I’m sure her products were as successful as normal!

After leaving Zara’s stand, we looked around the rest of the festival and I was pleased to come across two brands I hadn’t heard of before, both of which had some gluten free goodies that I couldn’t help but buy :).

logoGinger Bakers

Wow! That’s the best word that I can think of to describe this brand.

Firstly I’d like to thank them for coming all the way down to Bristol from Cumbria just to be at the Foodies Festival! If they hadn’t, I still wouldn’t have heard of them :(.

Here’s a little bit more about Ginger Bakers taken from their website:

Ginger Bakers produce an inspiring array of cakes and bakes using the freshest ingredients, locally sourced where possible and always free range eggs.

We believe good food needs high quality simple ingredients and attention to detail. We also bake for special dietary requirements so that everyone can enjoy our cakes.

Our range is available to retailers, wholesalers, coffee shops, delis and individual customers.

They informed me that their gluten free range is actually their best selling range and they provided a good selection of gluten free products at the festival, which was great!

I bought a Carrot, Orange & Passion Fruit Loaf for a very reasonable price, considering its size (I believe it was £5.50, but I can’t quite remember…).


Over the weekend we opened the cake and it tasted gorgeous! The flavour combinations work brilliantly together and the icing really made it for me :).

As with most cakes they need to be kept quite DSC01419cool and unfortunately given the current weather, I haven’t been able to keep it as cool as I’d have liked so the last few pieces were a little bit warm :(.

If I get the opportunity to try more products from Ginger Bakers in the future, I’d certainly like to try their Zesty Lemon & Poppy Seed Cake, Luxury Brandy Fruit Cake and Cheeky Chocolate cakes, as they all look wonderful.

Ginger Bakers run their own half day baking courses at their bakery in Kendal at a cost of £55 per person, so if you can make it along to one of these I think you should!

For more information about Ginger Bakers you can visit their website ( and you can also follow them on Twitter (@GingerBakers).

Dimkin’s Patisserie

Another brand I came across was Dimkin’s Patisserie who are based in Gloucestershire. They were selling a massive range of brightly coloured macarons at the festival and their stall looked great as a result!

Here’s some more information about Dimkin’s Patisserie taken from their website:

Dimkin’s Patisserie are, in many people’s opinion, the finest bakers in Gloucestershire. Just north of Gloucester, Svetlin and his wife Ilina and their team have brought the authentic style and taste of European pastry making to the delight of many across the whole UK. Dimkin’s offers the most amazing pastries and cakes and have built their business from good press and repeat business.

Before I get on to the finer details of DSC01387the products, I’ve been doing some research to ascertain if they are indeed macarons or if they are actually macaroons?!

I certainly thought that they were macarons, and this is how they were advertised, but people have been referring to them as macaroons which confused me!

Having done some research they do seem to be macarons, which makes sense to me as I always thought that macaroons were the coconut based cakes.

Anyway, I bought five macarons at the festival, in five amazing sounding flavours: pistachio, strawberry, champagne, vanilla and mint chocolate.

Unfortunately the strawberry macaron didn’t survive the journey home as all the filling came out of the middle, but what was left of it tasted lovely and the meringue had a lovely crunchy yet chewy consistency, which was mirrored in all of the other flavours :).

The mint chocolate macaron had a lovely mint DSC01391taste which was great and was probably my second favourite overall, with my personal favourite being the vanilla one. It had such a lovely taste and the size and proportions were great too!

The pistachio and champagne macarons were nice, but unfortunately their flavours didn’t seem to be as strong as the others, which was a shame.

There didn’t seem to be much consistency in the sizes of the macarons as the last two that I ate were completely different (see below), but aside from this they were a lovely little treat. As a big fan of meringue I will definitely be trying some more, as I was not previously aware that most macarons are naturally gluten free :).


For more information about Dimkin’s Patisserie you can visit their website (

We enjoyed looking around the rest of the festival and although we didn’t stay for too long as it really was very hot, I did enjoy a lovely lemonade and lime drink from The Fresh Lemonade Company ( / @TheFreshLemonad). This was a really refreshing hand pressed drink and the perfect way to conclude my Foodies Festival experience!


For more information about the Foodies Festival and to see where and when the next festival will be held, you can visit their website ( or follow them on Twitter (@foodiesfestival).


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