Darling Spuds

darling spuds logoDarling Spuds are another brand that I’ve been introduced to through the powers of Twitter and I am very glad to have found them!

They make hand cooked potato chips which are ‘lovingly made, naturally flavoured’.

Here’s a bit more about Darling Spuds chips, taken from their website:DSC01123

These are delicious, authentic chips with wholesome characters and feisty flavours, borne out of our potatoes enjoying a well-grounded upbringing. Not only are our chips hand cooked but also gluten free, vegetarian friendly, completely free of any unsavoury GMO’s and 20% lower in fat than standard crisps.

Darling Spuds very kindly sent me a box of their chips to review for my blog, sending me one of each flavour. I’ve previously reviewed some gluten free crisps which I came across in a supermarket, but it’s always nice to find new brands and ranges.


The six flavours currently available are: Sea Salt and Italian Balsamic Vinegar, Crushed Natural Sea Salt, West Country Cheddar, Leek and Pink Peppercorns, Sun Ripened Tomato, Green Olive and Oregano, Fire Roasted Jalapeno Peppers and Sour Cream with a hint of Mexican Chilli. As you can see, these aren’t your standard crisp flavours, so I was intrigued to see how they tasted….

Firstly though I need to comment on the branding of these products. Each flavour has its own spud character on the front of the packet as well as its own unique pastille colouring, and I think they look great!

DSC01117Sea Salt and Italian Balsamic Vinegar

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’ll know that I’m not very adventurous with flavours, so I opted to try the salt and vinegar crisps first, as they seemed to be one of the two flavours which were the nearest to mainstream flavours.

Wow! You can certainly tell that these chips are hand cooked as they taste so fresh and they are very crunchy!

The flavours blended well together, as expected from this combination, and they had just the right strength without being overpowering.

Crushed Natural Sea SaltDSC01121

As the second of the two more normal flavours, I opted to try the salted chips next.

Again they tasted great, although I think that I’ve started to find plain salted crisps a little bit boring, due to the amount of other flavours on the market (who’d have thought I’d be saying that?!) and as a result I’d say that these were probably my least favourite in the range :(.

DSC01119West Country Cheddar, Leek and Pink Peppercorns

This flavour sounded a little bit ‘out there’ to me, but I was very surprised at how lovely these chips tasted! The flavour combinations really work and as the description explains, the pink peppercorn provides ‘a sweeter, more delicate aroma’.

Unfortunately this packet of chips didn’t taste as fresh as the other packets for some reason, but I’ve assumed that this was a one off.

Sun Ripened Tomato, Green Olive and OreganoDSC01122

I almost gave this flavour to my boyfriend to review as I was sure that I wouldn’t like the flavour combination, but I’m so glad I didn’t as it turned out that these were actually my favourite!

First impressions were very positive as the smell that emanates from this flavour is gorgeous and combined with the standard Darling Spuds’ crunchy texture, they couldn’t be faulted :).

It was therefore not a surprise when I found out that this flavour has recently been named as the joint winner of the savoury biscuits and snacks category at the FreeFrom Food Awards!

Fire Roasted Jalapeno Peppers and Sour Cream with a hint of Mexican Chilli

DSC01120DSC01172Unfortunately I didn’t feel brave enough to try out these flavours, as their names certainly gave the impression that they would be a little too spicy for my tastes! Instead these were given to my boyfriend to review and he does enjoy crisps, so I knew he would critique them properly!

His feedback was that ‘they are a lovely crisp with a hand cooked texture that has a satisfying crunch’. He also commented that he couldn’t notice any difference between the leading non gluten free brands and these ‘lovely snacks’.

So there you have it, a big thumbs up for these amazing gluten free crisps :).

I am very pleased to see that Tesco now stocks the large packets of Darling Spuds, but I’ve also been recommending them to local cafés in Bristol, as I’d love to see these stocked more widely!

For more information about Darling Spuds please check out their website (www.darlingspuds.co.uk) and don’t forget to follow them on Twitter (@DarlingSpuds).


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