Easy Bean

easy bean logoI first came across Easy Bean at Bristol’s Big Market a few weeks ago, and I was very pleased to find out that they are actually quite local to me as they are based in Somerset.

Easy Bean make one-pot meals, ‘hand prepared in small batches, using 100% natural ingredients’. Which is quite appealing to me as I sometimes eat separately to my boyfriend, so it’s useful to have some individual meals on hand when needed.

Easy Bean are a ‘small, innovative company determined to give beans the culinary status they deserve. We believe in creating food that’s as delicious as it is healthy; and that eating a balanced diet of wholesome all natural food makes perfect sense’.

‘Inspired by the bean and one-pot recipes from around the world, we have created a range of healthy and versatile recipes. Enjoy on-the-go or serve up as a tasty supper…oh, and don’t forget to reuse or recycle that pot!’

They had a selection of products available on the market, all of which were available to sample. Some of the products were a little too spicy for my tastes, but I sampled the Spanish Puchero meal and it was lovely, so I bought one of these along with a New Mexican Chilli pot for my other half, so that he didn’t feel left out :).

DSC01343 DSC01344 DSC01347

The best before date on the pots allows a couple of weeks before they need to be eaten, so we only got round to eating them last week, but they were definitely worth the wait!

I must admit that I’m not really one for trying new flavours, as I like to stick to what I know, but I have recently been trying to expand my tastes and the Spanish Puchero definitely included ingredients I wouldn’t normally have eaten.

It is described as ‘fairtrade white bean with chorizo, red pepper, smoky pimentón, simmered in ham stock’ and 1 pot equates to 2 portions of veg, which is great. The meals are also high in fibre, low in salt and dairy free as well as gluten free!

The cooking instructions are very straight forward and I chose the microwave option which required removal of the lid and placing it loosely on the top of the pot, microwaving for 3 minutes, stirring and allowing to stand for 1 minute – easy! 🙂 Other heating options are available and these can be found on the inside of the label along with serving suggestions and more information about the product. I think this is a great use of the space, whilst keeping packaging to a minimum.

The meal itself tasted amazing and was really filling. It had just enough ‘spice’ for my tastes and the chunks of chorizo were very generous. As you can see from the pictures below the pot equated to a good bowl size meal.


My boyfriend really enjoyed his New Mexican Chilli meal too, so these will definitely be bought again as they are very convenient! We also agreed that they would be useful to have as a lunchtime meal whilst at work.

For more information about Easy Bean and where their products are available to buy, you can visit their website (www.easybean.co.uk) and you can also follow them on Twitter (@Easy_Bean).

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