honeybunslogoI recently came across a gluten free brand on Twitter, that I’m really surprised I hadn’t heard about before. They are called Honeybuns and they make handmade, award winning gluten and wheat free cakes, some of which are also dairy free!

Their product range includes cakes, brownies, flapjacks, shortbreads, cookies and a new range of savouries. They are made on their farm in Dorset using locally and ethically sourced ingredients.

The first thing you notice about the brand as a whole is their amazing brand image. As a result of beemusicianthe ‘honey’ part of their name, bees can be found throughout their website and across their product range. They even have their own café called the Bee Shack (with all money taken in the café going to their BeeGreen fund which helps to preserve the nature reserve surrounding the café :)). I must admit that the bee on the right is definitely my favourite – it’s so cute!

DSC01159Honeybuns recently sent me some samples of 5 of their products, and after hearing amazing things about them, I couldn’t wait to try them :).

In my sample goodie box I received the following cakes: Snowy Hills, Almond Moon, Milk Chocolate Brownie, Cranberry & Pecan Flapjack and Amondi. Ooh where to start first…..

DSC01171Snowy Hills

This cake is the one that I saw the most reviews about before trying it for myself and they were all very complimentary.

It is described as a ‘gluten free ginger, polenta and almond shortbread with a lemon sponge topping’ and every single one of those flavours comes through in the cake. It has a lovely sugary topping and a gorgeous crisp base with a moist sponge sandwiched in the middle.

This particular size cake is one of Honeybuns standard size cake slices, but they also come in minis which are great for snacks and lunchboxes!DSC01185

It is safe to say that Snowy Hills is absolutely stunning, so it’s no wonder it won a double Gold Great Taste Award in 2010! It was even suggested that they’re great warmed up with a dollop of clotted cream – I need to try that next time :).

DSC01166 Almond Moon

This was the one mini sized cake that I had in my sample box and Almond Moon is described as ‘a gluten free polenta, cranberry and almond slice’.

As soon as you open the packet you can smell the almonds, which I think is great as I love anything with almonds (marzipan, amaretto….).Almond Moon 2

It reminded me of a bakewell tart style cake, probably due to the taste and the layer of jam running through the middle of it! As you can see from the photo on the right, the top of the cake has chunks of almonds and cranberries which creates a lovely crunchy texture when you bite in to it.

DSC01211Milk Chocolate Brownie

Unfortunately this cake was passed over to my boyfriend to have, as it contains coffee and I am really not a coffee fan :(. The product description is that it is a ‘gluten free milk chocolate brownie with coffee and almonds’, so aside from the coffee aspect it sounded great.

I’m reliably informed that the brownie tasted great and that it had chocolate chunks running throughout it with a subtle coffee taste. It was quite sweet for my boyfriend’s tastes, but he still said it was really nice, especially with a cup of tea!

DSC01331I must admit that we’ve been eating quite a few brownies lately as a result of various product reviews that I’ve been doing and it’s surprising how much a brownie can vary in taste and appearance! I haven’t disliked any that we’ve had recently, which has been great (although maybe not for the waistline!).

DSC01169Cranberry & Pecan Flapjack

Described as a ‘gluten free buttery flapjack with oats, pecans, cranberries and maple syrup’, this product really surprised me.

I’ve never been a fan of cranberries and have only recently started eating nuts, so I assumed I may not like the flapjack for this reason, but it is gorgeous and almost up there with Snowy Hills on my leaderboard!

Cranberry Flapjack 4Cranberry Flapjack 1

The cranberries and nuts run throughout the flapjack, but it is very buttery and you could really taste the maple syrup. I thought this was great, but my boyfriend commented that this was a bit too strong for his tastes.


This was the final product in my sample box and based on my previous comments about almonds, I thought I’d be a big fan of this. It is described as Honeybun’s ‘gluten and dairy free version of the Italian Amaretti’, but it didn’t quite have the full amaretti texture for me. However, when you consider that it’s gluten free it’s still very impressive!DSC01206

It certainly had a gorgeous smell and a strong orange taste coupled with orange zest running throughout. It had a crisp outer edge, with a whole almond on the top and was moist in the middle. My boyfriend really enjoyed this product and commented that it tasted very continental :).

Overall, the opinion shared by both of us is that the Honeybuns cake range is amazing! Every single product has been lovely and to have such a wide range of different types of cakes and for all of them to be gluten free, is just amazing!

I went to a local National Trust site at the weekend and I was very pleased to see Honeybuns cake slices stocked in their tea rooms, but if you don’t happen to passing a National Trust site they can also be found on the Honeybuns online shop as well as from cafes, delis, farm shops, supermarkets and of course from the Bee Shack Café.

I’ve already started making a list of the next cakes I’d like to try from the range and the Chocolate Caramel Shortbread is definitely at the top, closely followed by the Congo Bar!

If you have a chance to look on the Honeybuns online shop, I strongly suggest you do, as not only do they sell their wonderful cakes and some amazing looking ‘Sconeybuns’, they also have a great range of gift ideas including their own gluten free baking book and a gorgeous hand-thrown Honeybuns mug, which I’ve been eyeing up for a very long time – how long is it until Christmas…..?! 🙂

For more information about Honeybuns including details of stockists, you can visit their website (www.honeybuns.co.uk). You can also follow them on Twitter (@HoneybunsBakery) or like them on Facebook (www.facebook.com/HoneybunsBakery).


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