The Stable Bristol – Launch Night

the stable logoLast night I was lucky enough to be invited along to the launch night of a new restaurant located on Bristol’s waterfront, The Stable Bristol.

As you can see from their logo, The Stable sells pizza, pies and cider and a huge variety of them at that!

If you’ve not heard of The Stable brand before, here’s a little bit more information about its concept, and the Bristol opening:

Since the opening of the first Stable in Bridport, Dorset in 2009, The Stable Bar and  Restaurant has grown from strength to strength, inspiring cider drinkers far and wide. Founders Nikki and Richard Cooper (who also own successful boutique hotel The Bull) are proud to serve stone-baked gourmet pizzas topped with locally sourced ingredients, complimented by over 57 varieties of cider! They stick with what they know and concentrate on the finer things in life: food, drink and great customer service.

Having won awards for its pizzas (PAPA Awards) and cider (CAMRA best cider bar) The Stable naturally attracts a lot of attention both from locals and out of town visitors who love the emphasis on the West Country; both the cider and produce are sourced as locally to each Stable as possible. The second Stable opened in Weymouth in 2012 and it was only a matter of time before the Stable love spread further afield. The natural choice was Bristol, in the heart of cider country!

Owing to the immediate and huge success of both restaurants, and the request of many guests, the Coopers, along with co-owner Andy Briggs, have secured a big waterside property in Bristol’s bustling centre. The site is right next door to cultural hub The Watershed along Bristol’s wonderful harbourside.

To date The Stable has achieved a fantastic and far flung reputation and the Bristol Stable will be the biggest yet, seating up to 200 customers. The Stable is a busy, friendly restaurant with an informal, relaxed atmosphere; long communal benches are great for group meals and for making friends!

Executive head chef Andy Briggs, said “Bristol is the obvious choice for our first step outside of Dorset with its fantastic range of West Country food and cider suppliers available. We pride ourselves on working closely with all our suppliers to continually reflect our brand values.” 

Owner Nikki Cooper continued “We are excited to be moving to such a beautiful property on Bristol harbourside which perfectly reflects the unique style of The Stable.”

I was a little apprehensive about accepting my invite initially, as although I know they offer gluten free pizza bases on their normal menu, I was concerned as to how this would work at a launch night if pizzas were just being bought round to the tables. However, I was assured by their marketing guru Hannah, that I would be catered for and although the food is all prepared in the same area, the GF bases are bought in from another bakery so not made on site. She also said that as the kitchen area is open, I could go up and talk to the chefs if I had any concerns.

On my arrival at the door, I reiterated that I was gluten free and I was advised to mention this to one of the members of staff bringing round the pizzas. Incidentally, every member of staff was wearing The Stable t-shirts with ‘Stablehand’ on the back and even the younger helpers on the night had t-shirts with ‘Little Stablehand’ on the back on them – very cute! I think these ‘uniforms’ are ace, and if the t-shirts were available to buy I’d love one as I think they’re great :).

DSC01305-2Once in the restaurant my boyfriend and I had some complimentary drink options to choose from and as it was extremely hot yesterday I opted for some refreshing apple juice. We then went to find a seat and although the launch night started at 5.30 and we arrived at about 6pm, it was already very busy, so we went for the first available seat, which was in one of the raised booths next to the DJ area.

The restaurant is laid out in a very open plan manner with large benches throughout, as well as a couple of booths to the side. The bar area is at the back of the restaurant as you enter through the front, with the open kitchen area to the right.


Once seated, it wasn’t long until we were greeted with an offer of some garlic bread, so I took the opportunity to ask if gluten free options were available, and the very helpful ‘Stablehand’ went to ask at the kitchen if gluten free options would be provided.

I thought I’d been forgotten when about 10 minutes later a different member of staff came over with The Ford Farm Four Cheese Special pizza for me to try! Yay!DSC01306-2

It was a bit difficult to hear the full topping information due to the busy surroundings, but according to the website this pizza consists of Dorset Blue Vinney, Ford Farm Dorset smoked red, Ford Farm goat’s milk cheddar & Wookey Hole aged Cheddar.

I am very pleased to say that the gluten free base tasted stunning and was nice and crunchy. The cheese toppings were also very generous, which made for a gorgeous pizza. My boyfriend had some as well and also enjoyed it, so as I’ve said before, a gluten free product that tastes great to gluten eaters and non gluten eaters alike, has a big thumbs up! 🙂

DSC01310Shortly afterwards we received another gluten free pizza courtesy of the original ‘Stablehand’ and we think this one was The Clifton Suspender.

The toppings on this pizza were: chicken, pepper, mushrooms, tomato and mozzarella and it looked great!

Unfortunately I’m not a fan of mushrooms so I only had a couple of small slices of this one and removed the mushrooms, but it was a really nice tasting pizza and I know my boyfriend really enjoyed it too. The people sat near to us had some slices of this pizza and they also seemed to enjoy it. Shortly after this pizza we decided to leave, as we weren’t sure if I would be offered any further gluten free options and it was also getting very hot.

I really enjoyed the atmosphere in the venue as well as the lovely food and service, and you will be pleased to know that the restaurant officially opens today (Tuesday 9th July), so make sure you pop along to try it out for yourself!

If you would like more information about The Stable Bristol you can visit their website (, although a new website will be launching soon. You can also follow them on Twitter (@_TheStable).

Although this has only been a review of The Stable Bristol launch night, I intend to visit again soon now that the restaurant is officially open, so once I have I will be posting a full review of the visit.


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