Zara’s Chocolates

zaras logoI first met the lovely Zara a few months ago at the launch party for Amelie’s Larder’s new website.

One of Zara’s salted caramel truffles was in the goody bag for the launch party and from that moment on I was hooked!

Here’s a little bit more about Zara, taken from her website:

Having always had a fascination and passion for all things chocolate, Zara decided to learn more about the world of chocolate, and start creating for herself. Signing onto the Ecole Chocolat Professional Chocolatier Programme, she enjoyed learning about the history of, and how to work with chocolate; creating beautiful chocolates and experimenting with different flavours. Since then she has been continually expanding her skills, and trying out new, exciting ideas for her closest fans to judge. Since starting the company in 2011, Zara has delivered demonstrations and tasting events, hosted indulgent chocolate-making parties, and produced beautiful wedding favours to order.

Zara’s products have recently been displayed in the Chocolate! exhibition at Bristol’s MShed museum and she’s just back from selling them at Glastonbury!

Before Zara went to Glastonbury I went to see her at the Temple Quay Square market and it was great opportunity for me to stock up on some of her homemade chocolates!

IMAG1488-2After a quick catch up with Zara, I came away with a box of 6 assorted truffles (salted caramel, milk orange praline and mojito), a raspberry and white chocolate bar, a dark chocolate chilli chocolate bar and a box of mint thins. I thought it was nice to buy a variety of chocolates to review, including some chilli chocolate for my other half :).

IMAG1500First up was the tangy raspberry white chocolate shards, which was my first choice of product to buy, as I always feel that anything with raspberry and white chocolate is going to be amazing!

This product certainly didn’t disappoint and as Zara’s products don’t include any hidden ingredients, they are also naturally gluten free! This product just contains white chocolate and freeze-dried raspberry.

The shards are a good size and the dried raspberry on top of the shards gave an added texture which perfectly complimented the smooth white chocolate.

IMAG1497The next product I tried was the mint thins. It took a bit of persuading from Zara for me to try these, as although I love mint chocolates, Zara informed me that they contained a hint of chilli. As I’m not good with chilli, I thought I’d try them as the chilli element was apparently subtle, but I knew my boyfriend would enjoy them if I didn’t get on with them.

Unfortunately, the chilli was too strong for me (a product could have the tiniest amount of chilli and I’d still notice it!). My boyfriend really enjoyed them though, so they certainly weren’t wasted!

IMAG1490The chilli chocolate was bought purposely for my boyfriend as he likes dark chocolate and chilli, so this seemed a good combination for his tastes. This product is hand-made using a fine 53% dark chocolate, Habanero chilli powder grown in Wiltshire, and a refreshing hint of lime and Zara’s website describes it as ‘a fiery little number’.

I was informed that the chocolate was nice and rich and the chilli element was strong. The strength of the chilli stopped him eating too much in one go, but I don’t think this is a bad thing!

IMAG0129Finally, after all that chocolate, we managed to get round to trying the assorted truffles. We’d both already tried the salted caramel truffle (as mentioned above) and thought it was great. I’d never had salted caramel before this, but now I see it everywhere! Zara’s is so good she even sells jars of the sauce on her stall and website!IMAG0131

The other two flavours in the assortment were milk orange praline and mojito. I think my favourite flavour was the orange praline as it tasted sublime and the liqueur element of the mojito truffle was just a little too strong for me, but it was still a lovely product and showed another great flavour combination from Zara that you just wouldn’t expect in a chocolate!

Zara’s products are available online through her website ( and as I mentioned at the start of this post, I visited Zara at the Temple Quay Square lunch market which is held on the first Thursday of the month (11.30 – 2.30).

If you’re able to try Zara’s Chocolates I strongly suggest you do, as you will not be disappointed. You will also be able to see how much care and attention goes in to every single one of them!

As well as keeping up with Zara’s latest information and products on her website, you can also follow her on Twitter (@ZarasChocolates) and on Facebook (


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