The-Frank-Food-Co-Logo-x2A few months ago I came across a brand on Twitter called The Frank Food Company. They are producers of FRANK bars which are ‘a deliciously indulgent snack bar made with 100% natural ingredients’.

Here’s some more information about FRANK bars taken from their website:

FRANK bars are a deliciously indulgent snack bar made with 100% natural ingredients such as wholegrain oats, dates & dried plums and topped with a delicious dairy free Coconut Cream chocolate. FRANK bars are gluten, nut & dairy free and are a source of protein, with each bar containing almost 4g of protein per 35g bar. FRANK bars also contain ENERGYSMART®, which is a patented, all-natural combination of carbohydrates from select fruits (apple, grape & pear) plus specially developed natural dextrins from grain which together provide longer-lasting energy.’

Another great bonus of this product is that they are also labelled as vegan friendly.

I was fortunate to be sent 3 flavours of FRANK bars to sample and the first thing you notice are their brilliant, brightly coloured wrappers, with each colour signifying a different flavour. I was sent the strawberry and chocolate (red wrapper), double chocolate (brown wrapper) and the orange and chocolate (orange wrapper) flavours.IMAG1546

The flavour in each of these products really comes through, but I think that the best part IMAG1563-2is the difference in texture between the topping and the main part of the bar. The topping is crisp dairy free chocolate blended with a coconut cream and the filling is the relevant flavour and cereal with added vegetable fibre and protein which gives it a chewier texture.

I find these bars very similar to Nakd Fruit bars, but I much prefer the FRANK bars, as I am not a fan of the texture or flavours of the Nakd bars, but this is my personal taste.

I came across the FRANK Bars stand at the recent Allergy & Free From Show and they were certainly looking very popular, so I am predicting great things for this brand.

To find out more about The Frank Food Company and their FRANK bars, you can visit their website ( and you can also find out their latest news on Twitter (@FrankBars) and Facebook (


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