Baked to Taste Devon Steak & Potato Pasty

Now I may have mentioned this before, but I’m very proud to be Cornish, and one of the things I’ve missed most since being diagnosed is a good old Cornish pasty! I actually had one back home in Penzance as my last guilty pleasure before going gluten free!

baked to tasteSince then I’ve come across a couple of companies which offer gluten free pasties, and one of these (Baked to Taste) very kindly offered to send me some samples. Given how much I really wanted to be able to eat pasties, I even overlooked the fact that they’re made in Devon….. 🙂

IMAG1433-2I was delighted to receive two Devon Steak & Potato Pasties each coming in their own cardboard packaging, as well as being in a sealed wrapper. The first thing you notice is that the crimping is on the top, which is different to a Cornish pasty as the crimping would be on the side, but aside from that they certainly look like pasties! They are described on the packet as ‘naturally reared IMAG1434-2Devon beef with potato, onion and swede’.

I decided to save mine until my boyfriend was going to be away (then I wouldn’t need to let him try a bit!), so I froze both of the pasties until I needed them.

The first one was taken out of the freezer on the morning that I needed it for my tea that evening, but in hindsight this wasn’t long enough for it to defrost thoroughly, as after the 15-20 minute cooking time had lapsed, the pasty was still cold in the middle. I put it back in the oven, turned up the temperature and left it until it was definitely cooked through.IMAG1436-2

Once cooked I had few mouthfuls before drowning the pasty in baked beans (that’s just what I do :))! I was pleasantly surprised with just how amazing these pasties taste and how good the pastry is, as I know that this is one of the hardest gluten free things to make. The contents were all of a great, chunky consistency and the pasty wasn’t too peppery, which is one of my massive pet hates with pasties, as this ruins the taste for me.

I had my second pasty last weekend, and I made sure that I took it out of the freezer the night before to give it optimum defrosting time. However, it was again not completely cooked through after the suggested cooking time had passed (although much nearer to being cooked than the first time round), so I upped the temperature to 200°C and put it back in for another 10 minutes by which time it was perfect. I’m not sure if the issues I’ve had with the cooking times have been due to my oven or whether the cooking temperatures / times on the product are not quite right, so just make sure that the pasty is hot throughout before serving.


Unfortunately the second one developed a couple of cracks during the initial 20 minutes of cooking which meant that it completely fell apart on slicing, but it still tasted equally as good as the first one.

I absolutely loved these pasties and despite the cooking issues, I will definitely be getting these again, and I really want to try their other products too. Baked to Taste offer a wide range of products including pies, quiches and sausage rolls, as well as patisserie products and all of them are gluten free! 🙂 I’m particularly keen to try their quiches and pies, as I haven’t tried any gluten free varieties of these yet.

For more information about Baked to Taste including prices and stockist details, you can visit their website ( or their Facebook page (

Since this review I have reviewed further Baked To Taste products and they can be found here and here! 🙂


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