Byron Bay Cookies

byronOne of the first gluten free products I came across when it was suspected that I had coeliac disease, was Byron Bay Cookies and their individual packs in Sainsburys.

Now as I’m sure you’re probably aware by now I’m Cornish, so one of my favourite things in the world has to be clotted cream, so imagine my delight when I saw a strawberry and clotted cream cookie!

I cannot explain quite how good these cookies taste, so I was delighted when Byron Bay Cookies offered me the chance to sample their other flavours :).


Before we move on to my review, here’s a little bit more about Byron Bay Cookies:

Returning to Australia after 6 years in New York, founders Maggi Miles and Gary Lines drove up the East coast of Australia until they found the idyllic Byron Bay. Using the old farmhouse stove in her country cottage, Maggi experimented with ingredients to create a white choc chunk and macadamia nut cookie and triple choc fudge cookie which are still some of the company’s top selling cookies today.

With customers insisting on calling the products ‘those cookies from Byron Bay’ the company name officially changed to Byron Bay Cookie Company in the late 1990s. Since then Byron Bay Cookies have become an international best seller in over 30 countries worldwide, picking up awards for their quality and taste. We now bake over 50 million cookies a year, sell in over 40 countries world-wide and have picked up awards from all over the globe.

In 2007, wanting to keep with the company’s green credentials and use as many locally sourced ingredients as possible, Byron Bay Cookie Company signed a deal with one of the UK most prestigious bakeries to produce the cookies in the United Kingdom.

The move to being baked in the UK meant that they could be certified by The Vegetarian Society as they now contained only free range eggs. Byron Bay Cookie Company have also searched all over Europe to find a candy covered chocolate bean that is free from cochineal and gelatine which has resulted in the ever popular Dotty™ and Clowning Around cookies being able to gain Vegetarian Society approval. The gluten free range has also been approved by Coeliac UK and displays the Cross Grain Symbol.

Strawberry & Clotted Cream:


IMAG1503-2Ok, so let’s start with the one I know and love!  This is ‘a soft, luxurious gluten free cookie crammed with strawberries, clotted cream and white chocolate chunks’. Yes, you heard that right, not only has it got clotted cream and strawberries, it’s got white chocolate too! The flavour combination in this cookie is amazing and I certainly don’t get enough of them :).

I think it’s great that there are chunks of the ingredients in the cookies, as you can literally bite in to a chunk of white chocolate! I think some cookies try to blend all of the ingredients together, but these are nice and chunky which gives a great texture.

Sticky Date & Ginger with Walnut:IMAG1505-2

Having only recently started eating date, I was quite open minded to this cookie, but when the cookies arrived it was actually the first one I tried.

This one is described as ‘a moist chewy gluten free cookie delicately spiced and crammed with nuts, walnuts and chunks of ginger’ and the first thing you notice when you open the packet is the smell, as the ginger is very prominent. However, I’m pleased to say that the ginger in the cookie is not overpowering, as this would have been something that would have put me off, as I’m not normally a huge fan of ginger.

There are certainly a lot of flavours in this cookie and I think this helps to cover the fact that some of the cookies have quite a dry texture. If there are strong flavours I feel this detracts from the dryness, as unfortunately this seemed more noticeable in some of the other cookies.

Triple Choc Fudge:

IMAG1506-2Surprisingly, and quite controversially, this was actually one of my least favourite of the cookies.

It’s described as ‘a rich, soft-textured gluten free cookie filled with white choc and dark choc chunks and fudge pieces’ and although it is chunky and tasty, the overpowering feeling for me was dryness.

I think it would be amazing if it was sprinkled over some ice cream, but on its own, it just didn’t cut it for me. I think this is a massive shame, as I expected this one to be one of my favourites.

White Choc Chunk & Macadamia Nut:IMAG1507-2

I believe I’ve had this flavour cookie before in Byron Bay Cookie’s mini cookie bites, but I’m still not 100% sure even after having it again!

This one is ‘a rich, soft-textured gluten free cookie full of chunks of white choc and macadamia nuts’.

This cookie actually tasted one of the moister of the five, with only the edges being a bit crumbly, but taste wise it was wonderful, and again the chocolate and nutty chunks provided a good texture.


IMAG1504-2This is definitely the most colourful of Byron Bay Cookie’s collection and according to their website, it’s also their best selling!

This ‘gluten free triple choc cookie is covered in dotty choc drops’, which I’m assuming are Australia’s equivalent to Smarties, due to their crisp shells.

I think this cookie is one of my favourites from the collection and on opening it you will instantly smell the gorgeous chocolate aroma that emanates from the packet! There is an unexpected chewiness in the cookie (although not so unexpected if you read the ingredients first!) and the crisp shell from the chocolate drops adds that little something extra. Unfortunately these too were a little on the dry side and I did feel like I needed to have a drink whilst eating them due to the sandy texture.


All of the cookies were consumed by both myself and my boyfriend (non gluten free diet) and we both shared the opinion that the only downside to these cookies is the texture as they are quite dry, but certainly out of all of the gluten free cookies I’ve had so far, Byron Bay Cookies are still the nicest as their flavours are definitely the best!

For more information about Byron Bay Cookies and to find out where they are stocked, you can visit their website ( and you can also follow them on Twitter (@ByronBayCookie).

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