Sisley’s ‘Amelia Rose’ Strawberry & Champagne Preserve

sisley'sOne of the best things to come out of my ill-fated ‘coeliac hamper’, was the Amelia Rose Strawberry and Champagne preserve. Although this is a naturally gluten free product, I felt that it still deserved a mention on my blog!

I had two products from Sisley’s in my hamper, however one of these wasn’t actually gluten free – the Cornish Chutney contained Cornish Real Ale, so unfortunately this preserve was the only Sisley’s product that I was able to try.

After all of the contact I had with the hamper company about the issues with my hamper, I was offered a choice as to which flavour preserve I’d like to try, and from a very long list including blackberry and apple, rhubarb and ginger and apricot and amaretto, I opted for the strawberry and champagne as it sounded like an interesting combination.

IMAG1446-2I normally opt for standard brand preserves, but if I have the opportunity to purchase Sisley’s preserves again I definitely will. The combination of the strawberry and champagne is sublime and there is just enough of the champagne to taste it, yet not make it overpowering. Overall it tasted very decadent! 🙂

This preserve in the morning on a lovely piece of gluten free bread is brilliant and the best thing about it is that it isn’t lumpy and is therefore very spreadable, which is definitely something I look for in a preserve!

For more information about Sisley’s you can visit their website (


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