PERK!ER Popping Tiffin

IMAG1362-2Following my review of PERK!ER’s Apple, Cinnamon and Raisin porridge a few weeks ago, the lovely Ann at      PERK!ER very kindly offered to send me some of their Popping Tiffin. I’d mentioned in my post that I was interested in trying them, as they seemed like my perfect treat, so of course I wasn’t going to turn down the offer!

The Popping Tiffin’s are made with gluten free crunchy chocolate biscuit, honeycomb and raisins coated with milk chocolate with a sprinkling of popping candy. How amazing does that sound?!

A few days later, I received them in the post and to say I was excited was an understatement! Although I was keen to try them straight away, I did manage to restrain until the evening, but then one went very quickly… (luckily there were 2 in the pack!) 🙂

They really do taste as amazing as they sound, with a gorgeous crunchy yet moist texture and the portion size is perfect for a sweet treat. They tastes so amazing that it makes you think that they’re too good to be true! There are certainly lots of other gluten free IMAG1392-2products that don’t taste anywhere near this good.

It’s safe to say that the second tiffin didn’t last much longer, but I did spare a tiny segment for my boyfriend to try and although he’s not a huge fan of sweet things, he enjoyed it too and could certainly see why it ticked all of my boxes :).

Unfortunately PERK!ER’s treat products are only available in Whole Foods Market stores and I don’t have one of those near me, so I’m not sure when I’ll next be able to try any of their products, but if you have the option to try something then give it a go, you don’t know what you’re missing!

For more information about PERK!ER and where their products are stocked, you can visit their website ( and you can also follow them on Twitter (@Perkierfoods).


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