Gluten Free Bakewell Tarts, Costa Coffee

IMAG1082-2I first came across Costa Coffee’s Gluten Free Bakewell Tarts a few months ago, but having had them again last weekend (after unsuccessfully finding anything else gluten free to eat at my local retail park), I felt they deserved a review.

Although this photo shows one bakewell tart, they do actually come in packs of two, but unfortunately one didn’t make it as far as the photoshoot…..

The slight downside to these cakes is that they are a lot smaller than a ‘normal’ bakewell tart (I’d probably call them bitesize cakes), but as you’ll probably be devouring them with a drink in the coffee shop, I don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing. As there are two in the pack you could even share them if you were feeling really generous (no, me neither!) 🙂

They taste just like ‘normal’ bakewell tarts, but the pastry is a little flakier. The filling is great with a nice sponge to icing ratio and of course a cherry on top. I think it’s great to have some alternatives to brownies (which Costa Coffee also sell, along with every other coffee shop), so I’m all for varying the coffee shop sweet treats.

The one thing I would really love is for Costa Coffee to add some gluten free lunch options to their shelves, like the other coffee shops have recently done, then I may not have needed to have bakewell tarts for lunch!

For more information about Costa Coffee, you can visit their website ( or you can follow them on Twitter (@CostaCoffee).


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