Caffè Nero, Corn Street, Bristol

caffe nero-2A few weeks ago my boyfriend took part in the Bristol 10k race and whilst he was running I ventured along to Caffè Nero on Corn Street to grab some breakfast and a drink, which seems to be becoming a bit of a tradition on Bristol 10k race day!

Last year whilst waiting for him to head back to the centre for the final stages of the 10k, I did exactly the same thing, but remember being sat in the coffee shop window with a hot chocolate and a croissant. Obviously that wouldn’t be happening this year, but what would I be able to choose from?

When ordering my first standard question was to ask if the hot chocolate was gluten free and I have to say that I was very impressed with the barista’s response. She confirmed that although the hot chocolate was not made from any gluten containing ingredients, they couldn’t guarantee that it was completely free from cross contamination. Wow, someone had done their homework – it was as if they’d been expecting me!

This was a much more positive experience compared to other coffee chains, as they don’t normally know and end up referring to their allergen menu, so I was very impressed that she responded straight away. They obviously get asked this a lot!

IMAG1330-2I was asked if I would like anything else with my drink, so I asked what gluten free options they had and they pointed to their pre wrapped gluten free double chocolate brownies. Although this again poses the standard question of why does it have to be a brownie, I guess that it’s better than nothing at all. However, a bit of variation would be very much appreciated and fresh bakery items would be amazing! :).

Unfortunately it was a little bit early for me to be eating the brownie, so it wasn’t eaten until later in the day. It was very pleasant with a crumbly top, a good moist texture in the middle and it was a good size, although it would have been great to have had something freshly baked like the ‘normal’ cakes they had available at the counter.


I am very pleased that since my visit to Caffè Nero they have now launched a gluten free savoury offering using Genius rolls with a chicken, salad and pesto filling. Although I haven’t yet tried this, I look forward to having one, and I’m very grateful that another coffee shop offers a gluten free lunch time alternative.

For more information about Caffè Nero, you can visit their website (

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