The Better Food Company, Bristol

the better food company logoWhen I first started my Not A Trace Facebook page, before creating my blog, I asked for suggestions on places to buy gluten free products and a friend recommended The Better Food Company.

They have two shops in Bristol, one in St Werburgh’s and the other on Whiteladies Road, and as well as being able to buy products from both stores, the St Werburgh’s shop has its own café and the Clifton shop has a deli offering gluten free goodies! 🙂

Whilst out and about a few weeks ago I popped in to the Clifton store to see what types of products they sold and I was amazed by the vast array of produce on offer including: fruit and vegetables, chocolate, groceries, drinks, bread, eggs, dairy, health and body care, household products and they also have a wide range of products which cater for special diets.

I bought two products which I hadn’t come across before and I also couldn’t resist buying a cake from their bakery counter.

Gourmet Raw Organic Beetroot Crisps

IMAG1304-2I’ve always been a fan of beetroot, but the thought of them as a crisp seemed a little strange, but I gave them the benefit of the doubt and I’m glad I did. They are small crisps which have the distinctive beetroot colouring and a great crisp bite. They taste really moreish, despite their quite strong taste, but luckily you do get a lot in the packet.

The best thing about them though? There’s nothing to feel guilty about when you’re eating them!

The product description is that they’re made from sprout buckwheat which is full of protein and fibre and then locally grown vegetables, herbs and seeds are added that are crammed full of vitamins and minerals. No preservatives, binders or chemicals…just 100% natural and packed with goodness.

For more information about Gourmet Raw you can visit their website (

Amisa Gluten Free Sesame & Onion Crackers

IMAG1368-2Now this is actually a live review of these crackers, as I’ve only just opened the packet!

First impressions are that these are stunning. They have a very unexpected bite to them and a gorgeous taste. You can taste both the sesame and onion flavours very clearly, but this does not overpower the cracker. They’d work brilliantly with a dip, so mine have now been sealed back up before they are all eaten, and I will try them this evening with some caramelised onion houmous, which I think will work really well.

For more information about Amisa you can visit their website (

The Great Cake Company’s Berry & Almond Friand

IMAG1295-2It’s safe to say that I’ve saved the best until last with this review. As I was about to pay for my gluten free goodies, I walked past the bakery area and saw lots of gluten free cakes for sale, so I thought I’d try a berry and almond friand, purely in the interest of reviewing (and it looked amazing)! Later that evening I tucked in to the friand and even shared some of it with my boyfriend, as I like to have a non gluten free input in to my reviews, where possible.IMAG1296-2

The opinion from both of us, was that it was very moist and full of flavour. I recently made a gluten free cake using almonds instead of flour and it does give a really good texture and taste to the product, and this was no different. Some people may find the almond flavouring too strong, but as I like all things almond flavoured, whether it be marzipan or amaretto :), this wasn’t a problem for me!

I emailed The Better Food Company and asked who supplied the cakes and they told me that they had been made by The Great Cake Company who are based in Radstock. They are a small, family run business specialising in delicious, gluten-free cakes and chocolatey treats and I certainly look forward to trying out some more of their cakes in the near future!

For more information about The Great Cake Company you can visit their Facebook page (

I hope the above reviews demonstrate the diversity of produce on offer at The Better Food Company and I hope you are able to pop in and have a look for yourselves.

For more information about The Better Food Company you can visit their website ( or their Facebook page (


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