Mullion Cove Gluten Free Fairings

IMAG1357-2Whilst visiting Everything Bagels a few weeks ago, at the Whiteladies Road Farmers and Fair Trading Market, I unintentionally came across Mullion Cove and their gluten free ginger and spice fairings on a neighbouring stand.

For avid readers of my blog you will be aware that my posts cover both Bristol and West Cornwall and given that the name of this company is Mullion Cove, you’d be forgiven for being a little bit confused at the moment – when I first came across the company I was too!

To most people Mullion Cove is a beautiful place in Cornwall, and that’s exactly what the company was named after!

Here’s some more information about the company taken from their website:

Our director Sophie Bowden was brought up in Cornwall and since leaving the county and living in London, she discovered that there was little representation of her favourite artisan Cornish producers. So in 2009 she decided to start a business that endorsed Cornish producers.

She started trading from a market stall selling all kinds of different Cornish products from seasalt to salami but it was her own version of a Cornish fairing biscuit that was to become the best seller. 

IMAG1306-2I’d already come across Mullion Cove through Twitter and being from the far west of Cornwall myself, I felt I had to try some of their products and to find out they sold gluten free fairings as well as ‘normal’ biscuits, and more recently saffron buns, was amazing.

After speaking with them, I’d decided to buy some fairings from Bordeaux Quay on Bristol’s harbourside (which incidentally is also where they’re made), so it was a pleasant surprise to see them at the market.

I bought one bag of their gluten free ginger and spice fairings to be getting on with and it contained a generous helping of biscuits for a very reasonable price (£2.95 for 5 fairings), and I quickly started tucking in to them. They taste great with a wonderful crunchy texture and as I’ve always been partial to ginger biscuits, it’s great to find some amazing ones that are gluten free.IMAG1318-2

When starting to run out of the biscuits I thought I’d try a bit of variation, so I broke them up and sprinkled them over some Cornish clotted cream ice cream. Could it have been any more Cornish?! It tasted utterly divine and when I next buy some, that will definitely be happening again! 🙂


Mullion Cove use Doves Farm gluten free flour instead of wheat flour to make their original ginger and spice gluten free fairings. Their gluten free fairings are handmade in a gluten free registered kitchen, where they are hand rolled and baked to perfection.

Mullion Cove products are sold at the Whiteladies Road Farmers and Fair Trade Market (held on the first and third Saturday of every month from 8.30am – 2pm at the junction of Apsley Road and Whiteladies Road), but they can also be found at the Ashton Court Producers Market (held in the courtyard of Ashton Court Estate’s mansion house, on the third Sunday of every month from 10.30am – 3.30pm).

Their products are also stocked at retailers throughout Bristol, so for more information on this and their other products, please visit their website ( and don’t forget to follow them on Twitter (@MullionCoveUK).


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