PERK!ER Apple, Cinnamon & Raisin Porridge Pot

IMAG1299It’s taken me a long time to get round to trying PERK!ER products as they are mainly sold online. They are also stocked in Tesco, but unfortunately this is not one of my nearest supermarkets.

However, I did make a special trip to buy some gluten free products a few weeks ago and picked up a PERK!ER Apple, Cinnamon and Raisin porridge pot. As well as this flavour they also have a Fruity Berry porridge pot, but I always seem to be drawn to cinnamon 🙂 (as you will see in future posts!)

The first thing to grab you about PERK!ER products is their distinctive logo and brightly coloured packaging. I feel that this is a really positive selling point for the brand, as lots of other gluten free brands are not so well packaged.

Although I opted for a porridge pot, they also sell boxes of porridge, but I thought that the pots were a really good way of trying the product. The porridge pots (65g) are also a handy size if you’re on the go.

PERK!ER’s website describes the product as ‘made with gluten free oats, juicy raisins, generous apple chunks and a sprinkling of cinnamon’. The porridge pots are also high in fibre, keeping you fuller for longer, are low in fat & have no added sugar.


The instructions for making the porridge are easy. You just need to add boiling water up to the line on the pot, stir, replace the lid and leave to stand for 2 minutes for the porridge to thicken. The only downside I noticed to this process, was that the line on the outside of the pot for the water level, was not shown on the inside. This made it a little tricky to know if you’d put enough water in and although it probably wouldn’t make much difference if you were slightly out, this would be one suggestion I’d make to improve the product.

IMAG1303-2Taste wise this product certainly didn’t disappoint! I’ve never actually been a fan of porridge and have tried another gluten free porridge that I wasn’t keen on, so I worried this would be the same, but it was gorgeous. All of the flavours really came through and it made for a very delightful breakfast 🙂

Having done a bit more research into PERK!ER, I’ve learnt that they also make their own bread as well as some yummy looking treats. Now I’m particularly interested in trying these, particularly the Popping Tiffin which sounds delectable and makes my mouth water just thinking about it!

For more information about PERK!ER and where their products are stocked, you can visit their website ( and you can also follow them on Twitter (@Perkierfoods).

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