Burts Potato Chips

IMAG1254-2I inadvertently came across Burts Potato Chips last week and I am very glad I did! I’m surprised I hadn’t seen them before given their distinctive brightly coloured packaging, but I was delighted to see a ‘free from’ logo on the front of the packet, stating that they were free from artificial flavours and colourings, gluten and MSG!

I bought two packets of these crisps, one was vintage cheddar & spring onion and the other was sea salt & malted vinegar, so both were nice traditional flavours that I thought it’d be worth trying.

Later that evening I thought I’d start by trying the cheese and onion flavour as this is probably my favourite crisp flavour and wow they certainly didn’t disappoint! They have quite an intense flavour, which is by no means a bad thing, and they also have a great crunch to them. I just wish they’d lasted longer 😉 I did allow myself to share one crisp with my boyfriend and he agreed that they tasted great.

When I got round to the salt and vinegar flavour, they were equally as good. I was concerned initially that they may be too salty, as some companies do seem to over do their salt content in crisps which stops me from eating them as it ruins the taste for me, but the level of salt in these crisps was just right.

Another positive about these crisps is their size. Some packets of crisps have quite small crisps within them, but these seemed substantially bigger than normal, which is a definite bonus.

It wasn’t until I researched the company a little more that I realised that their entire range is gluten free, which is great news! I would thoroughly recommend these crisps and I look forward to trying their other flavours.

For more information about Burts Potato Chips, visit their website (www.burtschips.com) and don’t forget to follow them on Twitter (@BurtsChips)

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