Clotted Cream and Rum & Raisin Fudges – Buttermilk Confections

Having finally received the correct products in my hamper, it was now time to try them! IMAG1241-2The fudge is handmade in Cornwall for Simply Cornish Hampers by Buttermilk Confections, and this was one of the main reasons that I wanted the hamper in the first place, as I do love a bit of fudge 🙂

Rum & Raisin

IMAG1213I started with the rum & raisin fudge as this was one that I hadn’t had before, but unfortunately I won’t be choosing to have it again either. The only reason that I didn’t like it was that the rum element tasted far too strong for me and overpowered the rest of flavours. However, my boyfriend really enjoyed it so he took the rest of the pieces into work with him and they proved very popular, with positive reviews from the whole office!

Clotted Cream

Now, this is the one I’d been waiting for (quite literally if you’ve read my other post!). IMAG1219Clotted cream fudge is definitely the best fudge flavour possible and I was really hoping that this wouldn’t disappoint.

Well, it certainly didn’t, as it was absolutely amazing! The texture and flavour were sublime and the entire packet went quite quickly, but unfortunately there was one negative regarding both of the fudge products and that was that the packaging was very poor.

IMAG1222As soon as you try to get in to the fudge your faced with a battle. I tried to pull the label off first thinking that I would then be able to tear open the plastic, but the label wouldn’t actuallyIMAG1221 peel off properly. Once I’d managed to get it off I tore open the plastic but this resulted in it ripping right down to the fudge with some of the fudge falling out!

Overall, these were definitely products that I would recommend, but I would suggest that the manufacturers review the packaging, as you don’t want to lose half of the fudge just by trying to open it.

For further details about the Buttermilk Confections, visit their website


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