Simply Cornish Hampers

It was a few months ago when I first discovered Simply Cornish Hampers and being from Cornwall myself, the idea of receiving some Cornish treats was amazing, but would I even be able to eat any of it?

They stock a variety of hampers or you are able to make your own, but I was pleasantly surprised when viewing their website, that they had a search selection for ‘Hampers for Coeliacs’. There was only one option available and according to the website, the contents of the hamper are as follows:

1 x Fruity Mead Wine

1 x Oak Smoked Cheddar

1 x Luxury Flavoured Chocolate Bar – Milk Chocolate

1 x Sisley’s Cornish Chutney – Cornish Chutney

1 x Sisley’s Preserves (alcohol free) – Blackcurrant

1 x Traditional Clotted Cream Fudge

As my birthday was soon approaching, a few hints were dropped and as if by magic, a couple of weeks later my birthday arrived and my boyfriend came home from work with a Simply Cornish Hamper 🙂


Initially I was very happy to receive the hamper and all the products had been very well packaged, but then some issues arose. Firstly, there was no jar of preserve in the hamper and secondly and more importantly, on review of the ingredients for the products, the fudge stated ‘may contain traces of wheat’.

IMAG1223-2Now, as you can imagine, I was not happy with this at all and promptly contacted the company via Twitter to tell them my issues and advise them in no uncertain terms that a product that may contain wheat cannot be included in a hamper which it claims is suitable for coeliacs.

The following day I received a call from the company and I was advised that the company who supply the fudge (Furniss) had changed their packaging and Simply Cornish Hampers admitted that they had not checked to see if it still said that it was gluten free, as a result they were incorrectly sent out. I was informed that they had now changed supplier and that the website would be updated to show the new packaging.

I was informed that some replacement fudge from the new supplier would be sent to me along with a jar of preserve. I was also given the option of choosing which preserve i’d like, as blackcurrant is sent as standard, but I opted for strawberry and champagne instead. However, the downside to this was that I would have to wait in for the delivery, which was the inconveniencing me, despite them being in the wrong, but as long as it ended the saga that would be fine.

Last Saturday I received the package just after 10am, so luckily not much of my day was wasted and I’d received 2 packets of fudge (1 x rum and raisin and 1 x clotted cream) along with the preserve.


All looked great, until I turned the packets of fudge over to check the ingredients. They were definitely shown as gluten free, but the clotted cream IMAG1224fudge was out of date! The best before date was 12/01/13, but the rum and raisin was in date.

This prompted another disgruntled email and another phone call from the company. This time I was told that the wrong label had been put on the fudge and that it should’ve been 2014 not 2013 and that it was actually ok. Well I’m certainly not going to be trying it! Again, more fudge was promised along with a couple of extras, and again I had to wait in for delivery.

On Tuesday I received the package, arriving at about the same time as before, so again not too bad in that sense. This time I received a bigger bag of clotted cream fudge, with my complimentary gift of chocolate bunnies (and yes I’ve checked, the ingredients indicate they’re gluten free, but it doesn’t actually state this on them). I’ve now finally received all the correct and in date products for the hamper!

Considering the cost of these hampers starts from £26.20 (not including the £6.75 postage), they are very expensive so to have had this many issues is not good enough. Although it’s all sorted now and both people I spoke to on the phone were very nice, I wish I’d just requested a refund, as making such a monumental mistake of including a product in a coeliac hamper which could have potentially made me very ill, should not have been rewarded with a purchase.

Reviews for the individual products will appear on my blog over the next few weeks as I get round to trying them, but it can only get better, surely?!

For more information about Simply Cornish Hampers visit their website


One thought on “Simply Cornish Hampers

  1. Interesting that a product from Furnisses (in this case, the fudge) should be out of date. .. I have heard (from someone who used to work there) that items unsold (in the shops) by the use-by date are returned to the factory to be re-labelled with a,new use by date and sent back out to shops as ‘new’ stock … the biscuits are re-baked to freshen them, apparently. I suspect this is not unique to this one company – there’s a lot of stuff goes on with food manufacturers that we don;t know about and wouldn’t be happy with if we did know!.

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