Sam’s Creative Cakes, Bristol – Part 2

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know that I recently purchased some cupcakes from Sam’s Creative Cakes for my boyfriend’s birthday. These went down a treat, which was great as I had already ordered my own birthday cake from Sam!

I’d already decided that I wanted an 8 inch round cake rather than cupcakes, as I had more people that it needed to serve, but in terms of the design and flavour, this was initially quite difficult. However, as I said in my previous post, Sam is great at designing her cakes and making you think of things you’d like on them, which is good when you’re trying to think of what to have on your own birthday cake 🙂

I opted for a vanilla gluten free sponge with chocolate buttercream. I didn’t fancy being traditional by having a jam filling as everyone likes chocolate and I hoped that the buttercream would keep the cake moist.

In respect of the design, anyone that knows me knows that I love cats so it seemed appropriate to incorporate this somewhere and Sam suggested having some paw prints over the cake, as if they’d walked over it (made from gluten free modelling chocolate). This seemed a very fitting idea, as I know a couple of ginger cats who would definitely have done this given the opportunity…..

These ideas combined with a purple icing (one of my favourite colours) seemed to be building the perfect cake, but the final stumbling block as the wording. As this was my own cake, it didn’t seem right to have ‘Happy Birthday Tracy’ on it, or ‘Happy Birthday to Me'(!), so Sam made a suggestion which fitted in with the cat theme and I thought it was great!

Here is the final product:


As you can see the cake looks amazing and when I first saw it I thought it looked great and far beyond my expectations. I just hoped it would stay looking this good for its 3 hour car journey to Cornwall the following day. Luckily I was feeling more confident with this than I was with the cupcakes a week earlier!

I showed my family as soon as I arrived, as they’d heard so much about it but had no idea what it looked like or what flavour it was as i’d kept this to myself 🙂IMAG1153

We didn’t actually cut in to the cake until 2 days after I’d collected it, but it still looked great and tasted gorgeous! I was very pleased with the texture of the cake and was glad to have chosen the chocolate buttercream filling as it topped it off wonderfully. One thing I wasn’t aware of was that between the icing and the cake was a layer of chocolate buttercream and this was an added bonus that made sure that the top of the cake and the icing didn’t dry out.

Feedback from family and friends was all very positive and the final 2 slices were eaten yesterday. Although this was 5 days after it was made I was confident it would still be quite moist, especially after listening to Sam’s advice of making sure that once it’d been cut it was covered with cling film to prevent it drying out. This has definitely prolonged the life of the cake, so I was very grateful for this bit of advice.

This cake cost £25 and I feel that this was very good value for money, especially given the size and design of the cake, as well as in comparison with the other companies that I received quotes from initially.

For more information on Sam’s Creative Cakes, please visit her website or her Facebook page

One thought on “Sam’s Creative Cakes, Bristol – Part 2

  1. I was lucky enough to have a slice of this wonderful creation, and I must add that even though I do not need a gluten free diet, it would definitely be a choice of cake I would make in the future (if I lived in the right area-delivery to Cornwall??). The taste was so much cleaner (sounds odd but try it, you’ll understand), lighter and flavour-some then other cakes you buy in supermarkets or bakeries and the butter cream was FAB! Thanks to Tracy for sharing 😀

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