Kent & Fraser Choc Chip Cookies

IMAG1104Last weekend in Waitrose, I came across some gluten free products I hadn’t seen before. The brand was Kent & Fraser and if you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll know by now that I like sampling new products, so I couldn’t resist giving their chocolate chip cookies a try.

The cookies are described on the packet as ‘an all-time favourite, these chocolate chip cookies are made with fresh butter, muscovado sugar and a very generous smattering of rich chocolate chips’.

Unfortunately I would dispute the amount of chocolate chips contained in the cookies, as this is actually very minimal and I would have to admit this was probably the thing that attracted me to them in the first place, so I was a little disappointed.

On first appearance, the cookies don’t look overly appealing as they are very rugged in their shape, but they certainly do appeal in their taste!IMAG1141

As described on the front of the packet, they are indeed very crunchy, but possibly a little too dry. I really feel that something is missing from these cookies and to be honest I think it could be the chocolate element, as they really don’t feel like chocolate chip cookies. They taste more like plain cookies and if they were advertised as such I wouldn’t have any complaints, as I feel this is truer representation of what they really are in their current form.

I must however add, that in comparison to some cookies I tried a couple of weeks ago, the texture of these is 100% better, as the other ones were very sandy, which isn’t great when being eaten in a car! I can’t remember which brand these were, but if I find them again I will update this post accordingly.

Since buying this product, I’ve discovered that Kent & Fraser have a wide range of other products available including some which look like they would appeal more to my taste, including Chocolate Butter Crunch and Lemon Butter Shortbread, so I’d love to try these if I come across them.

Overall, I would recommend this product, but be prepared to not have too much of the chocolate chip element.

For more information on Kent & Fraser visit their website or follow them on Twitter (@KentandFraser)




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