Sam’s Creative Cakes, Bristol – Part 1

I recently saw an advert on a Facebook page for a local cake maker and it gave me the idea to order a cake for my boyfriend’s birthday and another for my own birthday a week later, so I started trying to find some bakers in and around Bristol.

My main request was that the cakes had to be gluten free, but I also didn’t want to pay extortionate prices, which some of them unfortunately were. After getting a few different prices and viewed some examples, I came across Sam’s Creative Cakes, based in St George.

When I initially asked Sam she would be able to make gluten free cakes, she responded to say that she has a relative with coeliac disease, which meant I could guarantee that Sam understood about the dietary requirements and cross contamination risks. Unfortunately I wouldn’t have liked to have relied on this with some of the other bakers I asked, as it does sometimes feel that people see it as something they need to be catering for, but don’t necessarily understand everything about it.

One brilliant thing about Sam, is that she is very creative and is very good at suggesting ideas for cakes. That’s why I decided to ask her to make some cupcakes for my boyfriend’s birthday and also an 8″ round cake for my birthday.

Last Friday, I went to collect the cupcakes from Sam’s house and I was very pleased with the results. Sam had asked me questions about my boyfriend’s interests which resulted in some very unique cupcakes!


They included the colours of his favourite football team, dark chocolate (which I knew both him and his Dad would enjoy) and they had lemon sponge which is his favourite cake flavouring.

IMAG1091As you can see, the presentation of these cakes is amazing and they even went on a 2 hour car journey and still looked immaculate!

Despite being made on Friday and eaten on Saturday, the cupcakes still tasted really yummy and moist, which was great as one thing to consider when buying fresh gluten free cakes is that they don’t last as long as normal cakes.

I think my boyfriend would have preferred the lemon flavouring to have been a bit stronger, but this is down to personal taste as I thought that it was just the right amount, as I don’t like flavourings to be too strong.

Another comment was that the buttercream to sponge ratio may not have been quite right, but again the overall consensus was that it was the perfect ratio otherwise it is possible that the sponge may have felt too dry.

Personally, I felt that they were brilliant cakes from design through to taste and it was so nice to be able to eat a gorgeous tasting cake again! The cupcakes cost £8.50, which I think is excellent value and I’m really looking forward to collecting my birthday cake later this week! 🙂

For more information on Sam’s Creative Cakes, please visit her website or her Facebook page


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