Getting Started

Whilst still awaiting official confirmation of my coeliac disease diagnosis, I started looking to see what gluten free products were available and my boyfriend bought me the Coeliac UK Food and Drink Directory ( to get me started.

IMAG1088Since my diagnosis, I registered as a member on the Coeliac UK website and have now received the 2013 Food and Drink Directory and this comes everywhere with me! It is brilliant to have a quick reference point if you’re unsure as to whether something is gluten free. As well as containing products by product type, it also includes products by supermarket, which i’ve found particularly helpful.

There are lots of companies who offer gluten free starter packs once you have been diagnosed and I suggest you request as many of these as possible.

So far I’ve received one from Juvela ( and Glutafin (, but there are many other companies out there, so I will be requesting more myself. Both of those that I’ve already received contained breads, pastas, pizza bases etc, all the fundamental parts of a gluten free diet.

IMAG1012The Juvela starter pack only arrived recently so I haven’t used any of this yet, but it’s certainly very substantial so I look forward to trying out the products.

My Glutafin pack arrived a couple of months ago and I’m still working through it, but my boyfriend did recently make some very yummy pizzas using the bases in the pack.

IMAG1080He used a home made toIMAG1060mato base and added onions, peppers, spinach, bacon and mozzarella. The base was lovely and crispy, so I’d definitely recommend these.

As I’ve said in previous posts, some gluten free products are noticeably different to their ‘normal’ equivalent, so those that taste great to everyone are brilliant (it certainly saves on having to buy duplicate products!) and these bases were enjoyed by us both.


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