Heamoor Fish & Chip Shop, Cornwall

When I first found out that I could no longer have gluten in my diet one of the first things I thought I couldn’t eat was fish and chips. Being a Cornish girl this was quite a regular meal for me, so the thought of not having it because of the batter wasn’t nice.

However, my sister found out that our local fish and chip shop in Heamoor were offering gluten free fish and advertised this in their window, but asked that if anyone wanted this could they be given advance notice via a phone call beforehand, or you would need to be prepared to wait a little longer in the shop. This has always been my family’s preferred fish and chip shop so if we could continue to eat there then great!

The next time we were home we gathered everyone’s order and went down to the chippy. I asked if it was correct that they were now offering gluten free fish and they said they were and had regular customers having the gluten free option, so I put in our order.

I watched as they coated the fish in a separate batter and put it in a completely separate fryer to the ‘normal’ fish and the chips. It did take a little longer, but was definitely worth the wait, it was amazing and didn’t taste very different to a normal batter, but the best bit was that I didn’t react to it.

I can’t comment on the chips though, as there is the possibility of contamination if they’re fried in something that’s not gluten free or they are in the same fryer as the ‘normal’ fish. This is something that I should’ve checked at the time but being new to it, I didn’t know the questions to ask. I certainly felt ok after eating them, but people have different tolerances so I wouldn’t like to say that they are 100% ok, but I will enquire when I’m next there.

Overall, great fish and chips as always, and they’re gluten free batter is definitely worth a try!

I haven’t been able to find a website or Twitter page for this fish and chip shop, but they are located on Rock Terrace, Heamoor.


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