Fair & Square Chocolate Brownies – Part 1

IMAG1070Last weekend I inadvertently came across the Bristol Chocolate Festival and it initially looked like I was going to need to be blinkered all the way round it, as there were lots of yummy treats that I knew I wouldn’t be able to eat.

I asked the first trader if his product was gluten free and he didn’t know and that I should refer to the label to check. As a result I chose to not even try the product out of principle.

We continued walking around the market (which appears to have slimmed down since recent years) and then I became a little over excited at the sight of the words ‘gluten free’! I had stumbled across Fair & Square chocolate brownies.

I stood patiently in the very long queue (one of the longest for any of the stalls) and tried to make the decision as to how many brownies to buy and which flavours to try. I can assure you this wasn’t an easy decision.

The prices seemed very competitive (£2 each or £7 for 4), so naturally I opted for 4 quite large brownies, but with numerous flavours available it was quite difficult to choose which 4.

In the end I opted for 2 normal brownies, 1 orange and 1 white chocolate and raspberry and when purchasing them I did double-check that they were indeed all gluten free, but not only this the chocolate and cocoa is also Fairtrade.

After paying I returned to my friends with my nicely boxed brownies, still I little over excited, and my boyfriend and I then tucked in to the first brownie (it was a lucky dip at this point as the only one which was recognisable was the raspberry one). It turned out to be the orange flavoured one and the orange was quite a strong flavour but not overpowering, just enough to make it recognisable. The brownie itself was very moist and had all the characteristics of a ‘normal’ brownie.

On returning home, the 4 of us shared one of the plain brownies and all found it equally enjoyable, which is how I would determine if the cake is successful if it appeals to those on a normal diet as well as those who can’t have gluten, as certainly some gluten free cakes I have come across have not appealed to the entire market.

I definitely think I saved the best until last, the white chocolate and raspberry brownie. Wow! The flavours that came through the brownie were amazing and it was nice to have a bit of raspberry to make it feel a little bit healthy!

I would’ve taken a picture of the brownies, but became a little too overindulgent! Next time I have any I will be sure to update this post with a pic.

Update: I’ve since written a second review of Fair & Square Chocolate Brownies which can be found here.

In the mean time you can find Fair & Square Chocolate Brownies on their website (www.fairtradebrownies.co.uk) and also on Twitter (@FairBrownies).


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